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Meet the MyForexFunds Staff – Yavuz Karadeniz Customer Care Director

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1. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Yavuz Karadeniz. I am from Mersin, Turkey and currently living in Antalya. My hobbies include all water sports since the city I was born in and the city I am currently living in is near Mediterranean Sea. I also like snowboarding and hiking, depending on the places of course.

 2. How long have you been working at MFF? What were you doing before?

I started working as a support agent in MyForexFunds in April 2021. It is more than a year since I started working in this proprietary firm. As a trader myself, I was trading forex in different companies before. I met myForexFunds right after the launch and I gave it a try. Although there have been some challenges the company has always been good to me as a trader and an employee. 

3. In which team are you working at MFF? What is your position?

I am the Director of Customer Care currently. Our team is the team that you contact the most in live chat. We dedicate ourselves to provide multiple language support options from bilingual and sometimes trilingual support agents.

4. What are the most interesting things about working for MyForexFunds?

The ability of working remotely from wherever I want. Also, as a trader myself, I strongly believe that myforexfunds and I have the same goal which is to provide the best, trader friendly service to other traders on their journey to a funded forex account. I have been through the same evaluation processes so this allows me to understand a trader and their expectations from us as a company. 

 5. Tell us about a typical day working at MyForexFunds?

Most of the week before work I go to gym to make my day more productive. I mostly check general complaints to see if there is something we can do to avoid the issues from happening or solve them with a top priority. Our different departments are working around the clock to respond to the issues that our traders may face with their funded account, such as missing documents, wrong payment information, wrong email addresses etc.. The honest reviews from different individuals are very important for me so I try to listen to traders every day and talk to them to get their suggestions on how to provide a better service and do my best to work with the team to implement new changes to enhance our service.

6. Can you share your best experience at MFF?

Being a friendly company is something I like the most about MFF. Through the inquiries we honestly try our best to make the traders happy. MyForexFunds encourages its employees to offer a friendly service rather than replying to customers like robots. Facing with a human being when you contact to a global company is our main goal.

7. Do you remember your busiest day at MFF?

Our website was down due to unexpected traffic back in a day. It was the day which a certain company stopped their operations and our traders were thinking that we were pulling the plug as well. I don’t think I slept that day to show appearance in our social media accounts and discord server to let the traders know that we are here to stay. Although it was very tiring for me as a human, it was a good feeling to relax our traders and have a chat with them.

 8. How do you find working as a part of a team here?

Everyone is so nice in our different teams. I feel pretty lucky to meet all our staff. They are all living in different parts of the globe and it allows me to know more about their culture and daily habits.

9. What is your favorite funded trader story?

I often have chat with the traders who are trading with us for a long time to know more about them and their daily life. I try to help them in any way that I can. One of our funded traders actually sent me a package which includes their local tea as a gift and receiving that was an awesome feeling. Although it is a couple months since I received that, I still drink couple cups of that tea every week!

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